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The Ezzbeedo™ – Product Description

The Ezzbeedo is a state-of-the-art updo hair accessory that makes creating a fabulous updo quick, easy and fun!

It provides affordable elegance and delivers timeless, beautiful updos with a 21st century flair that today’s fashionistas will love.

Ezzbeedo, you can express your own unique style and mood, from super casual, everyday “messy”, to edgy pompadour, to ultra-glam “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Try out every style you can think of in the comfort of your own home. See where your creativity takes you!

What’s in the Box?

It comes with a beautiful crystal pendant that you attach to the front of any updo style. An entire line of pendants that you can purchase separately, will let you to customize your look for any occasion, from glitter and glam, to your favorite football team’s colors, to summertime flowers, to… well, the sky’s the limit.

The kit includes 25 bobby pins and an Ezzbeedo comb with a sturdy, easy-to-grip construction and just the right teeth and length to make your Ezzbeedo style clean and secure.

We’re proud to say the Ezzbeedo is made in America of top quality ABS plastic. It’s smooth, lightweight, non-toxic and reusable. It works with all hair colors!

Is it Right For Me?

Can put your hair in a ponytail? Then you need an Ezzbeedo! Want to add some extra bling to your night on the town? Feel like making a statement? Quinceañeras, proms, black-tie affairs – Ezzbeedo! Runway models, entertainers, bridal parties – Ezzbeedo! Every day looks, professional attire – Ezzbeedo!

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