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JoAnna Orlando, Founder.

The Early Years

JoAnna Orlando, inventor of the Ezzbeedo™, grew up in various cities in the east, but started her career in hair care on the west coast. In 1984 JoAnna met her future mentor – Gary Gerard, a well-known platform artist, author, educator, lecturer and founder of Gerard’s International Advance Haircutting Center. JoAnna and Gary became good friends and he encouraged her to pursue her career in the hair care industry. “Gary was an amazing teacher. I learned more from him on any given day than I did during all my cosmetology courses in school.” In 1998, Gary Gerard was inducted into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame.

JoAnna opened her own salon in 1999, specializing in men’s cuts, styles and color. She loved her work and found it truly rewarding to make people look great. Her clientele expanded to include girls and women, many with long hair. Her creativity was being exercised daily and was proud of the positive impact she was having on her clients.

Life-Changing Moment

In 2010, JoAnna’s mom passed away, a devastating blow on JoAnna and her family. Although Willa Jeanne was physically gone, JoAnna could feel her mom’s influence. Taking time off from work to grieve, JoAnna started fiddling with things around her – making them work better, fit better, look better, be more practical. She credits her mom, who was an inventor as well as an accomplished painter and artist, with helping her invent the Ezzbeedo.

Becoming an Inventor

The first published updo or ‘beehive’ hairstyle was created in 1960 by Margaret Vinci Heldt, a Chicago hairdresser. With it, Mrs. Heldt ushered in an era of elegance that still lives on today. In 2016, the creator of the iconic updo passed away, and in many ways, passed the mantle to JoAnna. Ezzbeedo brings the updo into the 21st century, making it modern, hip, funky, classy, elegant, not to mention fun and easy to do.

And besides – updos needed JoAnna’s fiddling! Until now, they weren’t affordable, didn’t last long enough, were damaging to the hair and bad for the environment!

At a time when updos are enjoying renewed popularity, JoAnna’s invention provides affordable elegance. It delivers timelessly beautiful updos with a modern flair that today’s fashionistas will love. Ezzbeedo lets everybody express their own style without having to spend hours and lots of money.

Beauty, self-expression and the confidence that comes with it, made fresh daily in the comfort of your own home. Thanks, JoAnna!

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