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Basic Ezzbeedo™ Beehive Updo Directions:

  1. Smooth hair (Smoothing options include: Blow-drying, flat-ironing, curling, etc.)
  2. Section out a triangle of hair, starting at the front hairline recession point to just behind the high point on the head.
  3. While holding the sectioned hair in one hand, place the Ezzbeedo up against the point of the sectioned triangle. Then, pull hair over the teeth of the Ezzbeedo (make sure all hair is within teeth). Secure hair behind the Ezzbeedo with bobby pins.
  4. Take another section of hair from the ear area and wrap it up and over the teeth of the Ezzbeedo. Secure this hair behind the Ezzbeedo with bobby pins. Repeat on other side of head. Create another section of hair behind the previous sections and once again, using the same technique, secure in place behind the Ezzbeedo.
  5. Take all remaining hair (in the back of the head) and wrap it over the Ezzbeedo. Use the clip at the front of the Ezzbeedo to secure the hair in place. Tuck extra hair away.
  6. Spread out and smooth hair on top.
  7. Smooth hair around updo. Extra bobby pins can be used if needed.
  8. Use Ezzbeedo accessories to personalize your look!

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